Balboa Park – Florida Canyon Area

Florida Canyon offers the somewhat unique experience of single track trails within a mile of downtown San Diego. Trails run on both sides of the canyon with various side trails connecting each one. All the trails in the Florida Canyon area run between Pershing Drive on the south end and Upas Street on the north end. I’ve mostly used the eastern trail as a commuting route from downtown to the North Park area.

Lower connector switchback. This is the “easiest” of the climbs though the middle switchback can be tricky.
Middle connector on the east side, heading to the left.

The main trail on the east side of the canyon runs just above the roadway. This allows a decent “bypass” of busy Florida Drive with a good dirt trail. The trail starts at the corner of Florida Drive and Pershing Drive. Access to the top of the canyon is offered through three connector trails. From the south, the first two are the best and are usually decent to ride. The last is very steep and loose.

Steps and connection between the lower and upper trails on the west side of the canyon.
Typical “upper” trail on the west side.

The west side trails are split into a lower and upper trail. The lower trail follows the stream bed a lot closer with some loose sandy areas. The upper trail tends to be more hard-packed with short and steep sections. Both trails reconnect at the north end near Upas St.

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