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The FasTrak experiment continues…

FasTrak is an interesting thing in California. Instead of one unified system, it is broken up into many different agencies with different rules and transponders. Recently, I posted about the research I had done into Southern California agencies and their requirements. One I hadn’t really looked into, the San Francisco Bay Area, seems to have different rules than most of the agencies down here.

So, I decided to see if I could use a “FasTrak Flex” transponder in lieu of my 91 Express Lanes transponder for vehicles other than my motorcycles, such as my husbands vehicle, and still get the discounted tolls and free travel on the lanes that require the transponder. I should see very soon if I can and if there is any sort of extra cost for having this new account. If it works out, I will cancel my existing account with the 91 Express Lanes and keep the SF Bay area account.