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Westside Parkway in Bakersfield, CA (Future Route 58)

Here is a link to a site with photos and information about the new construction on the Westside Parkway in Bakersfield, CA.

Website Updates

Time for a website update!

The first “major” update is an extension of my US 99 tour. I’ve decided to take it north of the Kern River. How far north I have not yet decided, but so far at least as far as Delano to the Tulare County Line. I may push it to Goshen, but we shall see. More photos are necessary as well as more research. Maybe Fresno is in the future, but it will be quite some time away. Right now, I’ve extended the tour two stops north to the Oildale OH, the northern end of the 1933 Bakersfield Bypass.

Fuel Prices… a look back

With the price of gasoline dropping recently, I thought it might be a good idea to show what prices were 14 years ago during the last big price drop.

December 2001 in Bakersfield (Oildale), California
December 2001 in Bakersfield (Oildale), California