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New license plate for my main motorcycle

After seeing a few vehicles with the new “Legacy” license plates that DMV is issuing, I thought I might convert my personalized plates to them as well. While both my motorcycles aren’t old at all (both are post-2000), they both carry plates with old highways on them. Yesterday, my Highway 99 plates came in. In about a month or so, my Highway 6 plates should be here as well. I think they look pretty cool and give US 99 a new (and fitting) look. Yes, my rear tire will be replaced soon.

New "Legacy" license plate for my Ninja 500R.
New “Legacy” license plate for my Ninja 500R.

Ridge Route and US 99 Update Coming

This weekend, I am travelling to the Liebre Mountains to inspect the damage from the recent storms on the Ridge Route, Grapevine Canyon, and the Ridge Route Alternate. I plan to inspect in detail those sections and take lots of photos. Updates on the status of the roadway will be initially via my Twitter account (@SocalRegionWeb) with a post update following. The sections I plan to cover in detail are Palomas Canyon (Five Mile Grade), Three Mile Grade, Ridge Route from State 138 to the Tumble Inn, Tejon Pass, and Grapevine Canyon. I’ll be taking my 2014 Kawasaki KLR 650 which will allow me access to more of the highway. Stay tuned for updates.

Highway Resources Page

I’ve recently added a new section to the socalregion website. I noticed the site was lacking in resources for local roadways. In particular, information on how to contact various local agencies for road projects, logs, and maintenance. With this in mind, I’ve added a new page to help others get their roads fixed and find out more information about those roadways. I’ve called it the “Southern California Highway Resources” page, which can be found on the Southern California Highways page and via this link.

Website Polls

Over the next month, I will be running a series of polls to determine what sections of the website need updating and expansion. As there are many sections that I can work on and limited time to do so, I am asking you, the readers, to help me decide what to update first. Irregular updates will still continue as usual, but special attention will be given to those sections that are most popular. Please, use the polls in the left sidebar to give us some feedback. You can also use the comments page in addition should you wish to give any additional feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

Wineries of Cucamonga Valley – Now Online!

As planned, our new addition to the wineries page, a site on the wineries in the Cucamonga Valley of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties is now online. This new website was written by our wine correspondent, Russ Connelly of San Diego. Mind you, there are only three wineries, but these three have some really good stuff. I recommend checking it out and experience some of the last remaining local wine making in the Inland Empire.

Bike Share is now Active in San Diego!

After months of delays, it would appear that San Diego has finally joined the list of cities with a Bike Share program. I had posted earlier on this site that the system was to be implemented in November. Delays with the actual installation of the docking stations, mostly due to local site requests, have mostly been dealt with. Now, 20 stations around the downtown area have opened, with a few in the south end of Balboa Park.

HWY99MN Officially Retired

After having this license plate, HWY99MN, since around 2004, it was time to retire the plate. I had planned to keep it but found it was going to be too problematic to convert it to a motorcycle plate and reassign it to one of my bikes. I have since replaced the plate with two better options for US 6 and US 99. So, on Monday, December 22, I turned my plate in to the DMV and surrendered interest in it. It was fun while it lasted.

My old license plate.
My old license plate.

New pages from old

After a hiatus since 2008, I have reposted more pages from the old Santa Clarita Valley Resources Page. The Railroads page has been redesigned to accommodate the old pages and will be expanded with new pages on the Pacific Electric Railway and Los Angeles Railway. I am still working on adding back the Santa Clarita Valley History pages as well. Look for more updates in the next few weeks.

 New Railroads Page

Out of the Lake: Old Highway 178 and the town of Isabella

Long before the Isabella Reservoir was built in the 1950’s, State Highway 178 passed through the Kern River Valley on an alignment much different than it is today.

With the current drought, Lake Isabella is a puddle of what it used to be…but it’s amazing what the lake has hidden all these years.  The lake has not been this low since 1977 and is the second lowest level since the dams were finished in 1953.

In April, I took two trips back to the areas near where the original towns of Isabella and Kernville stood before the lake covered them and their history.  Unfortunately during my visit, the actual townsite of Isabella was still under several feet of water but the remains of the trees that use to shade the town are clearly visable sticking out of the lake in several photos.

Map to April 2014 photos

Pre-Lake Isabella Alignment 2.1_Page_1b

location 1
Location 1


Location 2 – Notice the high water mark
location 2
location 3


Location 3 - Kissack Cove
Location 4 – Kissack Cove


Location 4 - Paradise Cove
Location 5


Location 6
Location 6


Location 7 – 1940
Location 7 – 2014


Location 8 - 1940
Location 8 – 1940
Location 8 - 2014
Location 8 – 2014
Location 8 -2014


A sign of the times.
A sign of the times…very dry indeed.
Isabella Auxiliary Dam 2014. Eerie to drive at the base of the dam when there should be 50 feet deep water here!


Thanks to Joel Windmiller for his assistance and historical photos of Old Isabella.


New Twitter Account

I have recently created a new Twitter account to help expand the reach of this website. Website updates and other important information such as Caltrans releases will be posted. Come subscribe at @SocalRegionWeb!