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Welcome to the new Southern California Regional Rocks and Roads Page! This site is the combination of the “Los Angeles Rocks and Roads Page” and the “San Diego Rocks and Roads Page”. After having some trouble with the previous host server, I moved to a new host and am now able to better update the site. All of the previous pages are still around though some may have been moved or merged with others.

The new format of the site should also allow for easier access to the immense amount of information this site contains. Parts of the site date back to 1995, when the Santa Clarita Valley Resources Page first went online. Initially, the site was just a single page with some photos. Through the years, the site has been greatly expanded and modified. In 2008, the Santa Clarita Resources Page was transformed into the Los Angeles Rocks and Roads Page, with some of the pages removed and others merged.

In 2006, I added the San Diego Rocks and Road Page, having moved here in 2005. I thought it would be a good addition as there is quite a bit to cover here. The San Diego site had a slightly different focus, with kayaking and local bicycling information as well as highway history.

Now, in 2014, the websites are undergoing a bigger change. Both the and sites are being merged with the new This will allow a greater area to be covered with even more photos and information to be shared. I plan to use the new format to help expand the site and make it an even better resource for all of Southern California.