California State Facts

Official State Seal

California State Flag

Population (2010 Census)

2016 Estimate

Admitted to UnionSeptember 9, 1850
GovernorEdmund G. Brown, Jr (D) - 39th
State MottoEureka! (I have found it!)
State NicknameThe Golden State
State AnimalCalifornia Grizzly Bear (extinct since 1922, state animal since 1953)
State BirdCalifornia Valley Quail
State FlowerCalifornia Poppy
State RockSerpentine
State MineralGold (technically a native element, not a mineral)
State GemstoneBenitoite
State FossilSabre Tooth Cat
State Song"I Love You, California" by F.B. Silverwood

For more information, please visit the California State website.

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