Southern California Geology

Southern California is a diverse geological region. The region also straddles the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. This helps create the wide range of geological structures that make this area so unique. This website will cover many of those unique aspects and show that this region is one of the best to study geology in the country.

Geology affects us in many ways in Southern California. While we are best known for earthquakes, the region has a lot more geological features and phenomena to offer. Minerals and resources, ranging from gold, silver, copper, oil, coal, and gravel are still mined in this area today. Landslides also occur, sometimes with great frequency, which affect our buildings and roadways.

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This was formerly the Geology of the Santa Clarita Valley site, but was reorganized into the current page in January, 2008. Most of the old page can be found on the Santa Clarita Valley section, with the remainder still on this page.

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