Los Angeles County Bridges

As there are so many bridges in Los Angeles County, it is somewhat difficult to categorize them. This site will categorize them in two ways, either the river they cross or the type of bridge. Major rivers will get separate sections with lists running west to east/north to south and different types will get their own as well. In time, a map will also be added. These bridges may include structures on State highways.

Rivers and Streams:

Arroyo Seco

  • Upper Arroyo Seco Bridges
  • Holly St
  • Colorado St
  • La Loma Rd
  • San Rafael Ave
  • York Blvd
  • Ave 64
  • Ave 60
  • Via Marisol
  • Ave 26
  • San Fernando Rd

Ballona Creek

  • La Cienaga Blvd
  • Higuera St
  • Duquense Ave

Los Angeles River

Sixth Street Bridge in November 2015.

  • Lankershim Blvd / Cahuenga Blvd
  • Riverside Dr
  • Hyperion Viaduct / Glendale Blvd
  • Fletcher Dr
  • North Broadway
  • Spring St
  • Main St
  • Cesar Chavez Ave (Macy St)
  • 1st St
  • 4th St
  • 6th St
  • 7th St
  • Olympic Blvd
  • Washington Blvd
  • Atlantic Blvd (North)
  • Atlantic Blvd (South)

San Gabriel River

  • East Fork Road (East Fork of the San Gabriel River)
  • Foothill Blvd (US 66)
  • Valley Blvd

Santa Clara River

Verdugo Wash

Miscellaneous Washes / Creeks

  • Little Tujunga Canyon Road at Pacoima Creek
  • Little Tujunga Canyon Road at Little Tujunga Creek
  • Alameda St at Compton Creek
  • Alondra Blvd over Compton Creek
  • Compton Blvd over Compton Creek
  • Whittier Blvd over Rio Hondo
  • Westridge Rd over Arroyo Canyon


By Type:

Grade Separations (Los Angeles)

  • Temple St over Figueroa St
  • Temple St over Silverlake Blvd
  • Beverly Blvd over Glendale Blvd / 2nd St
  • Sunset Blvd over Glendale Blvd
  • Sunset Blvd over Silverlake Blvd
  • Sunset Blvd over Myra Ave
  • Elberon Ave over Gaffey St
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