Friars Road – San Diego

Friars Road is a major roadway in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. It follows a much older roadway dating back to the mission days in San Diego. In the 1960’s, as the development of Mission Valley began, the City of San Diego developed Friars Road into an expressway with a few interchanges at major roads. Over the years, some additional accesses were built, partly reducing the “freeway” feel of the roadway. However, all of the original interchanges still exist and much of the roadway still retains the “feel” of a freeway.

Friars Road interchange with Qualcomm Way
Friars Road interchange with Qualcomm Way

Interchanges were built at Mission Center Road, Qualcomm Way (formerly Texas St), and Mission Village Drive. These interchanges are all standard diamond interchanges with signalized intersections at the ramps. Right In and Right Out (or RIRO) intersections also exist at Gill Village Drive and Rio Bonito Drive. These allow access to/from eastbound Friars Road only. In addition, there are two grade separations without interchanges. Between Mission Center Road and Gill Village, the western grade separation is a former access to a gravel mine. It is no longer in use. The other bridge at Murphy Canyon Road is, allowing access to a bicycle path and oil depot.

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