US 6 / US 99 – Burbank – Front Street Bypass

Historical Tour of old US 6 / US 99


Burbank – Front Street Truck Bypass

Northerly view of Front Street from
Northerly view of Front Street from Magnolia Ave.

In the late 1940’s, construction of a bypass of downtown Burbank was begun on US 99. The routing mostly followed what is now I-5 from Empire Ave to Burbank Blvd. South of Burbank Blvd it followed Front St. The bypass itself only went as far as Providencia St, but in doing so missed the central business district allowing through truck traffic to bypass the city. It was completed in 1950 and replaced with current I-5 in 1959.

1953 USGS map showing the Burbank Truck Bypass along Front St.

1966 USGS map showing Burbank and I-5 now bypassing the city.

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