Sources Used

Many sources have been used to gather the information that is displayed on this website. While a complete catalog is not possible at this time, many of the major sources will be cited on this page.

Oakeshott, G.B., 1958, Geology and mineral deposits of San Fernando quadrangle, Los Angeles County, California : California: California Division of Mines Bulletin 172, 147 p.

OFR 83-24 LA, Geology of the south half of the Mint Canyon quadrangle, Los Angeles County, California By Richard B. Saul and Tom. M. Wootton. 139 pages, 6 plates, map scale 1:9,600

Jennings, Charles. 1991. Geologic Map of California. Sacramento, California: Division of Mines and Geology.

Sharp, Robert P. 1993. Geology Underfoot in Southern California.Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing Company.

Gumprecht, Blake, The Los Angeles River: its life, death, and possible rebirth; Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999

Dodge, Richard V, Rails of the Silver Gate: the Spreckels railroad empire; Pacific Railway Journal, 1960

California Historical Landmarks; California Department of Parks and Recreation, 1979

USGS Topographical Maps – Multiple Sheets, Scales, and Dates

Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) Bridge Logs – Multiple Dates

Caltrans Route Logs – Multiple Dates

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