Everyone has goals, or at least should. Some are big, some small. At this point in the year, I have two for bicycling. My first, doubtful I’ll complete it, is to do another 100 mile ride this year. I don’t have to, just want to. With my weekend plans as they are for the remainder of December, it doesn’t look good. The second goal, however, will be attained. My cyclocross bike is nearing a milestone, with emphasis on the mile. For the first time, the odometer on the bike will read over 10,000 miles. It would have already gotten there, but I’ve been using my road bike instead on my commutes. At present, it is at 9911 miles. I’ll be riding the bike more on my commutes, and putting the 10,000th mile on a fun ride, the weekend of Christmas.

I do plan a sort of mini-celebration. Perhaps a nice glass of Moscato D’Asti would be in order? The bigger milestone is for myself, I’ve never ridden that much, ever. I never set out to do this, it just happened. It may be small for others, but a big deal for me.

When I look back at what records I have on the mileage, I can’t seem to figure how it got so high. Only about 4000 miles are commute miles, another 1000 on tours. That leaves 5000 miles just riding around, mostly around San Diego County. All of those miles have been since October 20, 2008, the day I bought the bike. I guess I really do ride a lot!

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