Santa Clarita Railroad History Timeline

May 12, 1868 – Soledad Post Office established.

June 12, 1868 – Soledad City is officially renamed Ravenna.

July 14, 1876 – San Fernando Railroad Tunnel is completed.

rrengineAugust 12, 1876 – First engine through San Fernando Tunnel.

September 5, 1876 – Golden spike driven at Lang Station.

September 6, 1876 – Newhall Depot opens near Bouquet Junction.

October 1876 – Acton Depot opens.

October 13, 1876 – Newhall is founded at site of present-day Saugus.

February 16, 1878 – Newhall is moved from Bouquet Junction to 6th St and Railroad Ave.

September 1, 1887 – Santa Paula Branch of SP railroad completed and Saugus Station opens.

1887 – Castaic Depot opens near Castaic Junction. Saugus founded.

1888 – Acton Post Office established. Southern Hotel in Newhall burns to the ground.

1903 – Current Santa Paula Branch of Southern Pacific Railroad is relegated to a branch line after Coast Route is completed through the San Fernando Valley.

1908 – Sterling Borax works begins production. Narrow gauge line built in Tick Canyon from mine to the Lang Depot.

1878 to 1910 – Railroad Avenue is the main street in Newhall.

March 12-13, 1928 – St. Francis Dam collapses washing out original US 99 Santa Clara River Bridge and parts of Piru, Fillmore, Bardsdale, Santa Paula, Montalvo, Saticoy, and Ventura. Kills over 500 people. Railroad bridge over the Santa Clara near Saugus is destroyed and replaced with a similar 1898 through-truss span.

1930 – US 99 completed through Weldon Canyon (Newhall Alternate). Three lanes wide. Newhall Depot closes.

1968 – Sierra Highway widened to a four lane divided highway from
Soledad Canyon Road to I-5. US 99 signage taken down along I-5 and older alignments. Newhall Depot is destroyed in a fire.

1969 – Lang Station is demolished by the Southern Pacific Railroad. Major floods destroy large sections of Southern Pacific’s Santa Paula Branch, closing the line east of Piru.

February 9, 1971 – Sylmar/San Fernando earthquake. Delay in opening 5/14 interchange due to quake damage. Rails in San Fernando damaged.

April 30, 1971 – Last Southern Pacific San Joaquin Daylight stops at the Saugus Depot.

November 15, 1978 – Saugus Depot closed by last agent, James Guthrie.

1979 – Last freight train at Saugus Depot.

June 24, 1980 – Saugus Depot moved to its present Newhall location by the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society.

October 26, 1992 – Metrolink commuter rail opens in Los Angeles. Santa Clarita Line terminates at Santa Clarita Station at the Saugus Speedway.

January 17, 1994 – Northridge earthquake causes the collapse of the 5/14 interchange. Metrolink becomes heavily used and service is extended to Lancaster. Princessa Station opens in eastern Santa Clarita.

1996 – Southern Pacific Railroad merges with the Union Pacific Railroad.

March 2000 – Newhall Metrolink Station opens.

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