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In the interest of “filling in gaps” in the site, I’ve added some photos to my San Diego Mission Valley Bicycling page as well as updated my Fairmount Avenue page. My Fairmount Avenue page also includes photos in addition to updated information about the expressway.

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One thought on “Site Updates”

  1. I enjoy reading about your journeys and travels. I also loved your descriptive word use in describing the Santa Clarita Valley as it was in the past. You seem quite motivated and goal oriented towards further and future exploration. I think that is awesome. I have had heart abnormalities for many years causing me to give up mountain biking an more recently even walking to the kitchen gets me out of breathe. I like to read about your experiences and imagine the amazing feelings of accomplishment I would feel if I were on those travels with you. I am awaiting open heart surgery; perhaps I will be journey bound again soon if the heart surgery comes out well. Thanks again for your writing! R.P.

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