Fire Information Link

This site is one of the best to get updated information on all the fires ongoing in California.

Help designate US 99 in Bakersfield as historic!

There is a group in Bakersfield trying to get historic route signs posted on the original alignment of US 99 through the Bakersfield area. They could use your support. Check out the site below for more information.

Los Angeles County Survey Records

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has a wealth of information available on their website. With a bit of patience and some looking around, you can find quite a few treasures using their mapping application. I’ve so far found the original survey data for the “Bridge To Nowhere” roadway, plans for other roadways that were never built in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, as well as the forest service permit for the Shoemaker Canyon Road that was never completed.

Joshua Tree National Park link

Here is a very detailed site covering, among other things, Joshua Tree National Park.

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner

Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner train has a really good site with lots of information at:

Highway Videos site

Interesting site with videos and information about a few of the highways in Southern California and Arizona.

Web forum for old highways

This is a really interesting site that has a discussion forum for old highways throughout the US. Help contribute to the discussions!

USGS Earthquake Swarms Information

There appears to be the beginnings of a small swarm of earthquakes in the Brawley Seismic Zone, this time in the town of Brawley, California. The USGS has a great website on swarms and why they occur.

Westside Parkway in Bakersfield, CA (Future Route 58)

Here is a link to a site with photos and information about the new construction on the Westside Parkway in Bakersfield, CA.

USGS Topographical Maps – Online

All of the topographical maps from USGS are online and easily accessible. Visit TopoView on the USGS site for more details and the maps.