Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup – Sunday, October 8, 2017

On October 8, I am planning another highway cleanup. This one will be in eastern San Diego County and cover two sections of highway, I-8 at Laguna Summit (Sunrise Highway) and US 80. My section of I-8 runs from the summit to two miles east with about 1/2 of it able to be cleaned. The section of US 80 runs from just below Laguna Summit to two miles east as well. Both roadways should be a fairly easy cleanup. The plan, thus far, is to meet at I-8 and Sunrise Highway / Old Highway 80 at 9 am. Safety equipment, such as hard hats and vests will be supplied. There will be a safety meeting for all the volunteers as well before the cleanup begins. Bring plenty of water and snacks as we will be out there a while. Only those 18 and over can volunteer. Please RSVP as so I can get an idea of how many to expect. So, come on out and help clean some of our counties roadways.

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6 thoughts on “Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup – Sunday, October 8, 2017”

  1. So glad to hear that Michael and fellow volunteers are actually picking up roadside litter in San Diego East County. I do with a couple of volunteers as well (38.5 – 40.5) mile marker – Eastbound. So many groups like having their signs posted ( Adop-A-Highway
    ) but seldom, if ever, clean up their contracted area! CalTrans should review these people/groups and terminate their contract if they fail to remove litter as contracted. Dan

    1. I have seen your signs on my way up I-8 before. If you need assistance, I may be able to offer some at times. Thank you as well. Caltrans does check up on adopters that don’t do the work when they are supposed to, they just have a large backlog at times.

      1. Michael, Dan here, it’s Sat. Oct. 7th. I would like to meet up with you (and volunteers) sometime, but, tomorrow (Sun.) is my day of rest / family day. For the record, I spend up to 6 days a week ( retired here) removing litter from I-8 in our East County. Also County Roads like Buckman Springs Rd. It’s like trying to hold back an incoming tide! If I understand you correctly, one of your clean up areas tomorrow will be Old US 80 from Sunrise HWY. East ( covering the Border Patrol Checkpoint) and beyond? Great if it’s true. I have cleaned this area from time to time, since the posted group (Road Scholars? / Rhode Scholars?) have never cleaned this area in the past 10 years that I am aware of? Keep up the good job! Dan

        1. I actually am the adopter for the Road Scholars sections on US 80. We don’t clean them often as they tend to stay clean. They do get checked fairly regularly however. Sunday the plan is to clean I-8 and see if we can also get a portion of US 80 done.

          1. Michael, we will have to agree to disagree concerning cleaning up Old US Highway 80 (of litter) – from your posted Road Scholar signs area. I along with a friend or two have been removing the litter from that area for years. I once asked a Border Patrol Agent (at the BP Checkpoint), just who are the Road Scholars,and, have you ever seen them picking up the roadside litter? The Agent replied “never” – you are the only one I see picking up the roadside litter. The reason that section may look like it doesn’t get littered (it does!) is because of our efforts to keep it clean. Our standard for roadside cleanliness may be greater than the County and or CalTrans(?), when we see litter, we remove it – sign or no sign. Dan 😎

            1. We have indeed cleaned up there. However, as we are the ones responsible for it, we would appreciate if it you would not clean our segments. It can, and may have, altered our cleanup schedules. If there is a large amount of trash, feel free to let us know and we will deal with it.

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