Santa Clarita Woodlands Park Trails

Reviews of the Santa Clarita Woodlands Park Trails

TM = Trail Marker – These are found along the trails in this park only.


These trails are accessible via Towsley Canyon. (67786 bytes)

Wiley Canyon Trail

Highest Point: 2100′

This trail is about 1.5 miles in length. Much of the trail is wide and shaded. However, there are a few sections that are steep. From TM 5 to the viewpoint is the steepest (about 150 feet of climb). There are two major oil seeps at TM 3 and 4. The trail ends at TM 6.

Towsley Canyon Trail

The Towsley Canyon Trail is about 2 1/2 mile long and has a fairly shallow grade for much of its distance. Many different springs are visible along the trail especially in the vicinity of the Narrows. The Narrows are the most spectacular section of this trail. The strata here stand nearly on end. Most of the shady parts of the trail are near the Narrows as well. Watch for mud on the trail near TM 13 and TM 12.

Towsley View Loop Trail

Highest Point: 2400′

This trail is about 3 miles long. It is single track along its entire course. The recommended direction of travel is Wiley Canyon to Towsley Canyon as there are many tight switchbacks on the Towsley Canyon side. The views from this trail can be spectacular. Near TM 7, Sunland, Agua Dulce, Newhall, Castaic, and Canyon Country can be seen. Watch for small oil seeps near Towsley Canyon.

As a side note, be careful on the switchbacks. Some of them are very tight with a steep dropoff. Please, Do Not Speed on this section as it can be dangerous.

As of my last ride on this trail, many parts on the Wiley Canyon side of the ridge are rutted and quite steep. Watch for mud and rocks along here due to the recent storms.

Canyon View Loop Trail

Highest Point: 1779′

This trail is fairly steep in only a few sections. Much of it follows the side of a ridge to a summit at about 1780′. There are a few switchbacks near the Visitor’s Center.

East Canyon Trail

Length: 4.8 miles (without loop, 7.5 with loop)

Highest Point: 2700′ (1330′ climb with loop)


The trail entrance is south of the Towsley Canyon Park entrance just north of the Gavin Canyon Overcrossings (I-5 bridges). Parking and a bathroom is available.

This trail starts off with a fairly gentle grade for the first mile or so. It is also a very narrow trail with high brush on either side. The segment of the trail from the 1700′ level through to the top is very steep in some places and shallow in others. Starting at the 2250′ level, the trail becomes steeper and is covered with a fine dust that makes riding difficult to impossible uphill. Views of the San Fernando Valley can be had after an additional 300′ of climb. At 2.4 miles you reach a saddle, overlooking Bee Canyon and Rice Canyon. Turn left here onto the ridgeline road. This climbs a little more, then slowly drops down the mountain. The trail stays as a wide fire road the rest of the way. At 4.8 miles, take the road to the left (watch your speed here, the turn is sharp). At this point, the trail is much steeper. Once you get to the paved road, turn right, then left across the freeway bridge to The Old Road. Take another left here, and follow The Old Road back to the start.

Many views of the Santa Clarita Valley can be had starting at the 2100′ level. At that point, the trail has climbed over the mountains to the north and they will no longer be blocking the view. The large canyon to the west is Rice Canyon and is quite deep at this point.

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