SR-150: Ojai-Santa Paula Rd / Baldwin Rd / Rincon Rd

Ojai-Santa Paula Rd / Baldwin Rd / Rincon Rd
Runs from State 126 in Santa Paula to US 101 near Carpinteria

State 150 is really a road in two parts. The eastern section, from Santa Paula to Ojai, follows a canyon, traverses a small upland valley, and then descends into Ojai Valley. It is two-lanes and very busy on weekends. A portion of the road passes through an area of oil seeps near Thomas Aquinas College, which gives the area a sulfurous smell.

1910 bridge on Bridge Road over Santa Paula Creek. This bridge was relocated from State 126 over the same creek in 1940.

In Ojai, the road joins with State 33 briefly before heading east past Lake Casitas. Past the lake, the roadway climbs over the first of two Casitas Passes before it reaches the east end of Carpinteria. Prior to the 1960’s however, State 150 was a lot longer, following State Highways 192, 154, and 246.

Older photo showing 1950’s railing near Lake Casitas, since replaced.
State 150 signage just west of State 33.
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