Scenic Drives in Southern California

These pages mostly cover county roads that are fairly undeveloped. Some State Highways are also included as well, though links will be given to the appropriate Southern California Highways page. The following pages will include maps and photos with a small description of the area. New areas will be explored, so watch for updates. Photos submissions are welcome.

Special Note:

Some of these roadways have special conditions which will be noted on the index page.

MC – Popular Motorcycling Route
BC – Popular Bicycling Route
WC – Winter Closure or Winter Conditions – Expect snow/ice/rock on the roadway during winter or a full closure for all or a section of the roadway
NS – No Services (gas/food) for over 30 miles or for the length of the roadway

Caltrans Designated Scenic Highways

Santa Ana Mountains

San Gabriel Mountains:

Santa Monica Mountains:

Liebre and San Emigdio Mountains:

View from Montezuma Grade looking toward Borrego Springs and Fonts Point

San Diego Region:

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