Image of the Week – 4/2/2017

Hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere with my husband while in a wetsuit
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3 thoughts on “Image of the Week – 4/2/2017”

  1. Hey Michael, have you ever come across any plans or engineering documents for either the original road that would have used the Bridge to Nowhere or Shoemaker Canyon Road? I’ve been fascinated by these stillborn projects ever since my high school biology teacher told the story of the bridge and the nearby town of Eldoradoville.

    1. So far, the most I have found are photos of the construction of the roadway and bridge from the 1930’s at Caltrans (albeit not built by them). Topographic maps from the era also show the alignment of the roadway before it was washed out. Eventually I may take a trip to the County and do more research on the roadway.

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