Park Blvd Traffic Update

While the buses aren’t running yet, most of the major changes to Park Blvd are complete. There are two new signals, one at Howard Ave and another at Lincoln Ave. At Howard Ave,  left turns onto Park Blvd are now allowed.

Park Blvd at Lincoln Ave
Park Blvd at Lincoln Ave

At Polk Ave, things are a bit different. Polk Ave is now blocked at Park Blvd,  with only a pedestrian signal in place. To get past Park Blvd,  use Howard or Lincoln. Left turns from SB Park Blvd are also now allowed onto University Ave.

Sharrows have also been added to Park Blvd as a part of this project. They run from near Cypress Ave to El Cajon Blvd. These changes have made bicycling and walking around the area much easier. While it was at the loss of the historic aspects of the roadway, it is an overall positive change. Please be aware of these changes and adjust your trips accordingly.

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